Cyfrwy Arete Cadair Idris

On the upper section of the Cyfrwy Arete, Cadair Idris, Mid Wales

Scrambling, put simply, is an utterly amazing way to travel through the mountains. There’s no technical gear required for easier scrambles, just a pair of approach shoes or lightweight boots… and then you’re off. 

Beginners scrambling courses in Snowdonia

A day’s instruction is often all it takes to grab the basics skills needed to start scrambling on your own. Some route finding ability and bit of hazard awareness are all that’s required for easier scrambles. I’m referring to the popular and easy to follow ridge scrambles here, but moving on from these is just a matter of accruing experience, and for most people this doesn’t take too long. A day’s introduction to scrambling would normally take place in the beautiful Ogwen Valley, home to Tryfan, the Glyders, Cwm Idwal and some of Snowdonia’s best grade 1 scrambles. 

Advanced scrambling courses in Snowdonia

To take things further and learn how to use a rope to protect the harder sections of grade 2 & 3 scrambles, well, this will take a few days. It involves a brief sideways step into the world of rock climbing; learning how to place protection, build belays and ultimately ‘pitch’ sections of steep rock. These skills can then be adapted to suit the constant movement of scrambling and pulled out of the bag when needed. Some people pick up this stuff a lot quicker than others; it all depends on your experience. Get in touch and I can advise how long a course would be appropriate.

It’s not uncommon to carry a short length of skinny rope in the bottom of your rucksack when scrambling. It’s not a get out of jail card but it can help you get out of a pickle. Carrying a hill rope, or emergency rope as they’re sometimes known, is a good idea if you’re scrambling as part of a mixed ability group or with kids. It can be used to give security to someone having a wobble or even used by the entire group to get down an unexpectedly awkward step. How to use a hill rope can easily be learnt in a day and doesn’t require any rock climbing skills.

Guided scrambling in Snowdonia

I have an intimate knowledge of North Wales’ scrambles. If you’d like to go on a mountain journey that links up some of Snowdonia’s classic ridges, or a perhaps a journey involving some of the best hard scrambles in the Ogwen Valley, let’s speak. A day’s guided scrambling can be arranged any time from April through to November. Easier scrambling journeys, on grade 1 terrain, can be organised for groups of up to 6 people. More challenging scrambling journeys, covering grade 2 & 3 terrain, are possible for teams of up to 3 people.

Scrambling on Skye and the Cullin Munros

There are 11 Munros on the main Cuillin ridge, including the Inaccessible Pinnacle, the most difficult of all the Munros to climb. A 4 day itinerary allows you to climb all of these impressive Munros and return to your accommodation each evening. This is a fantastic way to experience the Cullin and gives the option of ascending an exciting subsidiary ridge each day as we regain the main ridge. The days are long but achievable for any fit hill walker.

How does it work? I’d meet you at Sligachan each morning, at the northern end of the Cuillin, and from there we’d head off for the day’s objective. Available from April through to September, for up to 3 people. I charge a flat rate of £275 per day for guiding on Skye. If you’d like to ‘bag’ these beautiful Munros, please get in contact for a no oblication chat.


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