Torridonian mountains Northwest Scotland

Looking north to Glen Torridon from Maol Chean-Dearg, Coulin Forest

Summits, ridges, high plateaux, corries, glens, rivers, forests – the mountains and hills of Britain hold a lifetime of exploration. The diversity is breathtaking, ranging from the rolling fells of the eastern Lake District, to the wild bounds of Northwest Scotland, to the arctic vastness of the Cairngorm Plateau. Some of these areas are easily accessible and can be explored using waymarked paths, others are more remote and can only be reached over rough and sometimes untracked land. If you love the outdoors and would like the confidence to head into the British hills independently, some simple navigation skills will get you started.

Mountain navigation courses

It can take as little as a day to learn how to find your way around the hills. It’s enough time to have the whole map and compass thing de-mystified, and get your navigation to a level where you don’t have to rely on others. You’ll learn how to interpret a map – its scale, contours and symbols – so that it makes sense with what you see around you. You’ll also learn the core navigation skills of taking and walking on a bearing, and how to pace and time your distance. And if you’re lost, you’ll learn how your mobile phone can be used to help figure out where you are.

At the end of a day’s training you’ll be able to pick up a map and plan your own hill walk. You’ll have enough navigation skills to follow your planned route, even in poor visibility. And if you do end up getting lost, you’ll know how to relocate yourself and a have good idea how to get safely down to the valley.

Mountain navigation courses can be arranged for individuals or groups of up to 6 people.

Further navigation training

A day sharpening your navigation skills, tailored to any level of experience, no matter how rusty you are. This is the opportunity to learn more-advanced navigational techniques that can help you get around complex mountain terrain; using ‘catchment features’, ‘aiming off’ and ‘boxing-around hazards’ will all become second nature. This day will prepare you for navigating in the poorest of visibility or getting safely off the hill in the dark. You’ll also learn handy strategies for relocation without using your mobile phone. If you’d like to incorporate mobile/GPS technology throughout the day, that’s fine too.

Further navigation training works best if the group size is limited at 4 people.

Hill skills courses

A fun day out the mountains and an opportunity to learn all the basic stuff about hill walking; what to wear, what to take, how to choose a suitable hill walk, understanding the weather forecast and how it will influence your day, and even how to deal with an emergency. Get your first big mountain day under your belt before you go it alone.

Hills skills courses can be arranged for groups of up to 8 people. 

Guided hill walking in Snowdonia and Scotland

This can be arranged in any mountain area. If you’d like me to accompany you on a remote Munro or Corbett, or if you’d like safety cover for your group’s charity mountain walk, just get in touch.

No previous experience required

No previous mountain or hill walking experience is required. You’ll just need to be fit enough for a full day of walking.